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Estimate This For Me

A few years ago I started using an estimated technique called B.O.A.T. is a web app that allows groups of people to cooperatively make B.O.A.T Estimates. I go into more detail about how to use it in my essay The BOAT Estimate.

How it works

The Creator Goes to the site and enters a title of what is being estimated.
Then the creator enters the estimated date of completion.
The URL is then shared with all of the other estimators and they enter their names and estimates. One can use the dropdowns, the plus and minus buttons, or drag the dots to enter their estimates. When 100% has been allocated they can each submit their estimate.
After submitting one can see the group's results. This result can then be copied as a table (for spreadsheets or docs) or as Markdown (for wikis)


This project is open source and the code is available on GitHub.

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