things change

Recording Star

Stella loves to sit at daddy's desk, she loves to sing, and she loves to play her "guitar". So why not all three!

Cathey "Cat Stella" superstar!

So Stella has got to a very fun stage where she can tell use what it is that she actually wants, (instead of just making noise until we guess).

While this is really awesome and fun, it creates a new problem. What do you do when you are in the middle of hanging art and your daughter is pointing at the guitar hanging on the wall saying 'garr!' over and over? Is there really anyway to ignore that!

Cathey 'Sunrise' Estelle

Stella is now 8 months old, it has been a fun time. We have started a sleeping pattern that has me up and watching her some time between 4 and 6 ( her new nickname is sunrise). Watching her sleep (some time in a sling some time in the bed) Is kind of surreal. She is so peaceful so content (with interruptions, but allways back to peaceful) and it wares off on me. I become relaxed and centered. My mind wanders, from solving work problems, to thinking about politics to almost anything, but never stops long enough to disturb my baby bliss.

Fun and thanks over the last month

So we are midway through stella's second month and are starting to get the hang of somethings (which of course means other things popup). The first month was made alot easier by two factors, one we had all kinds of stuff that really help. Besides all of the sleeping locations for Stella, my sister gave us all of these hand me down diapers, and we have have enough outfits for an army of baby (a really cute army).

Daddy for three weeks and 2 days

So we have made it though another week. Things are still really awesome (who know that projectile poop could be so much fun). I think Cris and I have slid into our new roles well, and each day brings new challenges.

We have move the cradle that my grandpa built in next to my desk, so Stella can take naps there next to me. The sling has not worked out ... yet, but we are still trying.

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