things change

First Try at Buying A Car

When we moved to Texas we know at some point we would have to buy a car, and after a few months had passed we decide to start looking. Now neither of us have bought a car since high school, so this was basically a new experience for us.

Adding captcha

Sorry all, but I am adding a captcha. I have received about 20 spam comments each of the last 3 nights. They are in Chinese (I think) so I don't know what they are saying, hopefully it is not a cry for freedom that is going un-answered.

Employment is a good thing

So with all my worrying about things changing, it turns out that things change for the good. I received and accepted a job offer Monday at Phase2 Technology. The pay is comparable and it seem like I will have more opportunities to work in the Open Source community, and to advance my skills.

It was quite a relief, in fact I did not know how much I was stressed until after I was relieved.

the idea of "things change" changes

Back in the day when i decided that "things change" was my personal motto, it embodied (for me at least) the expectation that things will get better. If you don't like the fact that gay people can't get married, just wait, things change. As I moved through college and headed out east it morphed a bit. It was a reminder to me to live in the now and look for new experiences - to watch for the change in my world, suck it in and enjoy it.

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