Erik Summerfield
5601 Mapleleaf Dr Austin Tx 78723
202 341 6443
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Work History

  • Case Foundation Washington, DC

    Senior Web Developer April '08 to December '08
    • Designed and implemented Drupal Modules for the Case Foundation web presence
      • Created the Full Node Version Module that allowed for all content to
        be versioned, and for different versions to be active in the test view and live view
      • Created a Salesforce Email Module which allowed Drupal forms
        to submit emails and metadata to Salesforce via a REST call
      • Created interactive modules that worked with Drupal to have
        roll-up windows and rotating content, and to store the state of panes
        per session (this is mostly Javascript, but implemented in the
        Drupal framework)
      • Created a Flickr module that, using the Flickr API, allowed for
        a Flickr gallery content type and a Flickr image selector inside of
        the WYSIWYG editor FCKeditor
    • Used Drupal to create websites for the Case Foundation and its projects
      • Used Drupal modules including panels, views, cck, and custom
        work to create a new corporate website - worked with outside vendors
        to transform their design into a Drupal theme
      • Created a microsite and blog for the Social Citizens project,
        which included the publishing of a white paper in HTML
      • Created an internal site for RSS reading and sharing, that
        allowed users to add stories and links via a bookmarklet, and to mark
        items worth reading
    • Used the Amazon Cloud (used Right Scale to access the Cloud) for all
      sites, and used Amazon's S3 storage. All sites had redundant virtual
      servers with redundant SQL servers
    • Helped with the maintenance of the old corporate site (Java-based
      Liferay), as well as Drupal sites for the MIYO project and the Giving project
    • Participated in discussions about the direction of the Foundation,
      and ways to achieve our goals
    • Attended monthly presentations at the Foundation about the evolution of
      the social net and its affect on giving
  • Aristotle International Washington, DC
    Senior Web Developer December '06 to April '08
    • Designed and documented new features and enhancements to the Aristotle
      flagship product AI360 (a campaign/PAC database web application),
      including new database structures. Some projects include:
      • Designed Query Report Tool, allowing less skilled Project
        Engineers the ability to create custom reports using SQL, XSLT and
      • Designed Bank Reconciliation Module
    • Designed and documented changes to AI360 product to enhance
      usability, some examples include:
      • Designed line item sub-system allowing general linking between
        internal transaction types and compliance authority forms
      • Designed and lead the team to enhance compliance reports,
        adding the ability to store and retrieve previously run reports and
        settings, including an auto-load and auto-amend options.
    • Participated in discussions of development priorities and general
      direction of the AI360 product with the CIO, chief architect and product
    • Worked with large clients (e.g. largest PAC in the USA) to ensure
      that their needs are incorporated into the changes of the AI360
    • Functioned as acting database administrator
      • Created and documented process for client database creation and
      • Created and documented process for changing client database
        structure and application data (using xml for data storage and xslt
        for generating SQL scripts)
      • Created tools to administrate databases (using C#/.net)
    Project Manager October '05 to November '06
    • Managed data conversion from various systems to Aristotle's FEC
      compliant, political campaign-oriented database
    • Worked with clients to design public and private facing web interface
      to client database
    • Managed programmers' time in the implementation of various projects.
    • Designed and speced custom reports for Aristotle's databases
    • Used FoxpPro, SQL and in house tools to manipulate data
    Technical Support Representative March '04 to October '05
  • Family Pride Coalition Washington, DC

    Business Administrator Temporary position October '03 to January '04


  • Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

    B.S., Economics Summer 2003
    B.A., Mathematics

Technical Skills

  • Extensive experience working in Windows XP, 2000 and 98, a variety
    of different Linux distributions and different UNIX systems including OSX
  • a Full understanding of HTML, XML, XSLT and CSS
  • Proficient in JavaScript, PERL and PHP
  • Experience with C# and OCaml
  • Understanding of the modern web environment, including some
    experience with advance web techniques including AJAX, and web services
  • Extensive experience with the SQL database protocol, use of MS query
    analyzer, MS Enterprise Manager, mysqlphp and other SQL query and database
    maintenance programs, use of stored procedures, temporary tables,
    variables, etc
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Open Office and other office
    programs; experience in Quickbooks and GnuCash (a dual-entry accounting
  • Proficient in the Drupal framework, including module development.
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