Drupal Module: Views Arguments Extras

This module is an auxiliary parser module for feedapi. It is intended to be used with one of the other parsers. It will parse out all of the fields in the feed, regardless of namespace. May times feeds will have extra fields that are not part of the atom, or rss spec, often in there own namespace (such as using dc:creator instead of original author). The default parser will not parse that data, FeedAPI Exhaustive Parser will pull out those fields.

I think the best way to understand is to use try it, with feed Element Mapper.
Hit a NYtimes feed like http://feeds.nytimes.com/nyt/rss/Business, and when you go to map the fields you will see that the feed has lots of fields (like media:credit, media:description, dc:creator) that are not available with the standard parser.

FeedAPI Exhaustive Parser makes those fields available. It also make all elements of the feed itself available. In the nytimes example you will see the language and the copyright are listed on the feed but not the individual items, if you wanted to store copyright in a cck field on each node, this would allow that.

It parses all elements of the feed items and places them in the options->all feed object of feedapi.

The text of a node is placed in a #text property and any attributes are placed in a @ATTRUBUTENAME property. It will parse all namespaces.

Also, all of the elements on the feed itself are made available in options->feed_elements.

This project is sponsored by Phase2 Technology