You're my Little Fetus

I wrote this song so I could tell friends that I had a baby on the way. Each verse was written at a different stage of the pregnancy.

Lyric and Music: 

AmYou're my little Dfetus
Im as Amhappy as can Dbe
you Ammake me want to Dhug and kiss
your Ammommys Dbelly

you're growing little arms
and you're growing little legs
you've grown a little head
and filled it up with brains

you're my little fetus

you're my lilee fetus
mommy can't eat cold meat
no more runny eggs
just lots of protien

laying of the wine
caffeene no way
taken vitemens
3 times a day

you're my little fetus

heard your heart beat
hear you scurm
mommy can't fell it
but she fells the heart burn

picked out your midwife
hope you like her a lot
she will be the one
with the vitamin k shot

you're my little fetus


Your music

I love you guys. I am so jealous of your music factory.