Down South

Lyric and Music: 

It's early in the morning and I don't know what I'll do
Looking for someone someone who
makes me chearful at the site and whom i feel all right
tellin' the things I like to do.
It is early in the morning, and the question fly from that bunch
Don't know what I'm doin' but I thing I got a hunch

I think that I will head down south
I think that I will head down south

Down South,
Where the people are warm and cheerful
Down South,
Where someone is waiting for me

Noon times approching and I am only at the state line
Don't know how long its takin' but its takin' to much time
Soon I'll be waking in my face all carved with a grin
and the words from my mouth I won't be speaking

Noon times approching and im fetting for the end
I am cloise now if only in my head
cloise to down south
close to down south