Music has come to

Well after thinking about it for way to long I have added a music section to Here I will be putting up recordings of my songs. The first song up is my newest, your my little fetus, and ode to my little firecracker. Hopefully more will becoming, I have a few recorded, but I do not have releases for all of the artist, so hopefully I will be able to get them.

Oh, and there is a feed of all recordings recordings feed


LOL -- that song is so groovy. I love the fact that you have two different sounds singing "You're my little fetus" -- are they both you? If so , I didn't know your voice could go so low!

I feel like we're in an arms race, albeit we are moving pretty slow, more like a turtle's arms race -- you inspire me to work on my page and add stuff, and I hope I'm helping you along, too!

Keep it up! You've inspired me to put some songs up there on mine too! Oh, and let me know if you need my permission as an artist on any of your stuff (I've rounded a bend on that and have a more open view).... :-)

Oh, and these math questions at the bottom here... sheesh, they're pretty tough! I mean, 13 + 3 ?? hehe