Song Recording
Down South Down South summer 00

Borbyu: Harmonica, lead Guitar, background Vocals
Erik: Vocals, Guitar

La Stella La Stella

Guitar: E2thex
Vocals: Ailanie, Crisser
Engineer: Borbyu

I'll Explain

This song started off as a nice slow song (much like the chorus) but we decided that it would be much better as a punk song.
The words were written by Cris, and the music add by Erik, making it a song by Crik.

I'll explain 2008 04 18

This is a Crik orginal
Erik : Guitar
Cris : Vocals

ill explain
I'm Longin' Tonight

This song is one of liz, hopefully soon there will be a link here to info about the song

I'm Longin' Tonight 2006 11 23

recorded in Cumberland (Robin's basement) with a camera
Liz: Guitar and Vocals (author)
Robin: lap Guitar
Erik: Glockenspiel

Im Longin to night.mp3

This is one of Liz songs, hopefully soon this will link to her site

Motreal 2006 11 23

recorded in Cumberland (in Robins basement) with a camera.
Liz: Guitar, Vocals (author)
Cris : Vocals
Erik: Drums
Robin: Lead Guitar


This song was group written by Cris, Erik, Robin and Liz in Cumberland in 2006. Good luck figuring out the music

Desert 2006 11 23

Recorded in Cumberland (in Robin's basement) on our camera
Liz: vocals
Cris : Drums
Robin : Lap Guitar
Erik: Guitar

Desert 2006 11 23
Sex On the Beach

This is a Pros From Dover Song
the Lyrics are by Borbyu

Sex On the Beach Summer of 00

Recorded in Tempe with 4 track
Borbyu - lead Vocals, guitar, four note harmonica
Erik - Congas background Vocals

sex on the beach
You're my Little Fetus

I wrote this song so I could tell friends that I had a baby on the way. Each verse was written at a different stage of the pregnancy.

You're my Little Fetus 2008 02 18

I record in Austin with a mac using garage band on feb 18 of 2009 (at 20 weeks of pregnancy).
It is two guitars, singing and an attempt at the tambourine, all by Erik.

You're my Little Fetus 2009 02 18
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