Fun and thanks over the last month

So we are midway through stella's second month and are starting to get the hang of somethings (which of course means other things popup). The first month was made alot easier by two factors, one we had all kinds of stuff that really help. Besides all of the sleeping locations for Stella, my sister gave us all of these hand me down diapers, and we have have enough outfits for an army of baby (a really cute army).

Speaking of diapers we settled on the Fuzibunz one-size and for the most part they rock. You would not believe the choose we had for diapers. After the first few weeks, the cool mini pre-fold diapers (called pre-fold because you have to fold them as you are putting them on the baby?, never really got the name) were not seeming to hold up to the task and Stella was sitting in a lot of wetness, So we went to Austin Baby and bought one of everything (well not every thing but 6 different types), We tried them for another two weeks and have settled on the Fussy Buns. Ok enough of that tangent.

The other thing that got us through was the care calendar. In case you do not know what that is, it is a place where people can sign up to bring you food! (I really wish I could come up with other excuse to get people to cook for me and deliver it to my house). Well It totally rocked, not only did people bring use food, they brought us food that tasted really good. Now that we have to do all the cooking for ourselves I look back and do not know how we would have made it if we would have had to cook in the early stage.

For the most part Stella eats,cries, sleeps or looks around with her peepers wide open looking really cute (well she looks really cute pretty much all the time). Mind you it is not in that order, and they are not equal portions, but for the most part that covers it. She Rrally loves to go on walks! Which mean we really love to go on walks. Last weekend we spent the afternoon at ikea (which is time spent walking and seeing what swedes think Americans want) and Stella had a great time.

I will leave you with what I wake up to every morning.


Betterrr picccturreeee, please. :)
So cute!