Dream conversations with my pregnant wife

Cris has always talk in her sleep a little here and there, and every once and a while I will get a whole conversation with her. But the other night was by far the best. here is the transcript:

Cris: Are you going to show me it? (a little annoyed)
Erik: Show you what?
Cris: The drawing!? (more annoyed)
Erik: What drawing?
Cris: The drawing of your birth! (very exacerbated)
(Cris starts to sit up)
Erik: are you awake?
Cris: Yes, I have to use the bathroom
(Cris goes to the bathroom and come back, climbs into bed)
Erik: Do you have a drawing of your birth?
Cris: Why do you ask me questions like that! (completely done with me)
(cris rolls over and goes to sleep)

The next morning all Cris remember was being really mad at me in a dream for avoiding answering her questions.


Thanks for giving us a laugh. I love Cris.