Daddy for two weeks and a day

Well I have been a dad now for two weeks and a day. It has been really great. I always thought that I would love it, and it turns out I underestimated. Cathey Estelle "Stella" Summerfield was born on July 7th at 10:16pm after 44 hours of labor (she was name about 2 days or so after that). I hope to post a whole birth story, but for now I just want to get out how happy I am.

She has change so much in just a few weeks and does new things each day. Today we got fitted for slings, which means I might get to combine holder her with writing code! (I think I will have less bugs knowing someone is watching me).

I want to thank everyone for all of the happy thoughts throughout the labor and all of your love then and now. I really feel like Stella has been born into a loving world.

I want to thank Cris sisters Lara and Michelle as well as Rayvn for helping so much after we got home, the food and supplies have help a ton, and made this first few weeks a lot less stressful. And Thanks to my Mom, who got to spend a week here slaving over our garden, cooking us food, and sing to Stella every chance she had.

Last but not least I want to say how awesome of a mom Cristina is! Everyday her love and patiences shows that I could have no one better to raise my daughter. This has been a very special time I and am really enjoying it.


Well, I don't know about the better code thing.. :) but good to hear all is well and can't wait to meet her. I have some serious propagandizing to do :)

It was so beautiful to watch you and Cristina fawn over Stella. That is one loved little girl. I'm so glad you're having such a good time, son.