Daddy for three weeks and 2 days

So we have made it though another week. Things are still really awesome (who know that projectile poop could be so much fun). I think Cris and I have slid into our new roles well, and each day brings new challenges.

We have move the cradle that my grandpa built in next to my desk, so Stella can take naps there next to me. The sling has not worked out ... yet, but we are still trying.

The string of visitors has started to slow, so Cris and I have had a little more time with each other and Stella, It has been nice to spend some one-on-one with her. While it has been great having visitors, Cris and I tended to spend alot of time with each other before the birth, so it has been nice getting some of that back.


BTW, the announcement is beautiful. Cris did a great job. It is quite classy, just like her.

Well, if the sling ain't working, feel free to get something else you need. Just let me know so I can feel good about getting it! Glad to hear you and Cris are having more time alone. So sorry about her friend Steve. The hits just keep on comin', eh?