Created Drupal Module for Parsing all fields of RSS

I wrote the FeedAPI exhaustive parser for a phase2 project. The other parser in the drupal feedAPI, only parsed the core atom and RSS fields leaving alot of data behind. The FeedAPI Exhaustive Parser, goes and gets the rest and makes it available to rest of drupal.

The main problem I was trying to solve was with a client that was publishing data accross sites with there own RSS. They add fields to the RSS so that the other sites would know meta data about the content. We need to process that meta data.

One big difference between this new module and the other parsers, is that I did not use php's simpleXML object, but instead used the DOMNode object. This allow for much easier access the different namespaces used in feed.


I’m working on a way to send an email to my website with location information (either city/state, an address, or even a geotagged photo), and I’d like to use the mailhandler. For this phase, all I need it to do is read the put the content into the correct fields of a custom content type. Something like:
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Since the module can hangle Taxonomy as a separate field, I’m guessing this is pretty easy, but I wonder if it will do it automatically per content type or if it will require a hack in order to accept custom fields.If anyone has knowledge on this, I’d really appreciate some advice.Thanks for your help!