Cathey 'Sunrise' Estelle

Stella is now 8 months old, it has been a fun time. We have started a sleeping pattern that has me up and watching her some time between 4 and 6 ( her new nickname is sunrise). Watching her sleep (some time in a sling some time in the bed) Is kind of surreal. She is so peaceful so content (with interruptions, but allways back to peaceful) and it wares off on me. I become relaxed and centered. My mind wanders, from solving work problems, to thinking about politics to almost anything, but never stops long enough to disturb my baby bliss. It is a great time, I hope to always remember these mornings.

And it always ends with her crawling out of sleep, finding my eyes and giving me a very sweet smile. It is a little "thank you for helping me sleep". It is a perfect start to the day.


That is beautiful, Erik! How wonderful that you can cherish these early morning moments with your daughter.