Cathey "Cat Stella" superstar!

So Stella has got to a very fun stage where she can tell use what it is that she actually wants, (instead of just making noise until we guess).

While this is really awesome and fun, it creates a new problem. What do you do when you are in the middle of hanging art and your daughter is pointing at the guitar hanging on the wall saying 'garr!' over and over? Is there really anyway to ignore that!

Or when we are about to leave the house and she brings you her Curious George book, and then when you are done reading it she brings you her Good Night DC book, and when you are done with that she brings you her Baby Faces book.

When she was younger even if you knew what is was she wanted it was possible to rationalize her request away, I really need to cook dinner or we are already late. But Now it just feels like I am destroying her drive for reading and music, and that is just not worth the 5 mins it takes to play some music and read a book.

So if I am late or there is no art on the wall, just think that it might be leading to "Cat Stella", the next great author/musician.