California Dreaming

... This morning I woke up and felt firecracker moving around. Cris was still asleep, as I pressed my hand against her belly. Through the sheet I felt a little hand, and my face lit up.

Next, that hand moved towards the head of the bed, followed by an arm, and then I saw a whole figure move up the sheet past Cris' breast and start to peak out of the covers. This woke up Cris and we both laid in amazement as firecracker emerged from the sheets!

His back was all slimey (and yes, he was a boy), but his front was clean and he was smiling with big ears and a face like a little Xheson (my little brother). I asked Cris if he had been born in the night, and she had not woken me up, and she said 'No' that she had been sleeping all night.

So I placed him on Cris' chest for breast feeding and went to call the midwife. I ran out of the room, frantically looking for Cris' phone, not finding it I came back in. Cris was holding firecracker up and he threw a book that he was holding down on the bed and giggled ( a little tangent here, Cris was as cool as a cucumber - while I was rushing around in a bit of a frenzy she was ultra calm and mellow). I picked up the book and went to hand it to him and he said 'say thank you' as I handed it to him, he muttered back 'phank pou'. My face lit up again! My boy was talking just out of the womb. He threw the book again, and Cris pointed out that her phone was next to it on the bed.

Then she put him up on a mantel above our bed - I was a little nervous, but he loved it. He crawled around for a second and then jumped off into my arms. I handed him back to Cris and picked up the phone.

I searched and found Melanie (our midwife) and pressed call. I heard her voice and said, "Hi hi helloooo," - turns out I had pressed the wrong button and it was a voice mail she had left Cris, so I looked down again at the iphone and saw the call back button - pressed it, heard the ring... and then I woke up. Cris was next to me, the baby was securely in the oven, and I had just had one of the craziest dreams of my life.

As I look back on it, I should have realized in the dream, we were at my old house in AZ, in my high school bedroom and there was a mantel above my bed; no one raised in California would ever have a mantel above a bed.

All and all it was a good dry run, and just makes me more excited about the adventure that is about to start.