Intro to client side crypto

So some time back Jason told me that he was going to build a client side encryption app, with all of the encypting and decripting happening with java script, you would never we sending data across the net open. As a bonus it would be store encypted, so if someone had access to your server they would still not have access to your data. well he never built it.

So while most of the work being done by Chris Veness and his crypto script and jquery, I have write a js lib, that takes all textareas and makes then encryptable and decryptable. also (on Jasons advice) when encypted it is place in a div. So if the encypted context is render html later, it will have the decrypt function working as well.


I still plan on building it :)

I like it, maybe I will play around with it this weekend.

This is Jason by the way.